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Homemade Easy Tiramisu

Here's a recipe for a very quick and easy Tiramisu - surely not authentic, but tasty!

1 loaf of poundcake - sliced
8oz cream cheese
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 small tub of cool whip
2 tbsp rum
cold coffee/espresso
cocoa powder (for garnish)

Blend cream cheese and powdered sugar until well mixed.
Add rum and mix well.
Fold in Cool Whip.

Layer sliced poundcake in bottom of pan.
Drizzle with cold coffee.
Top with 1/3 of cream mixture.
Repeat layers until out of cream mixture.
Sprinkle with cocoa powder.

Store refrigerated.


This is my first time using a pie platter - I usually make this in a glass loaf pan so that the layers can be seen, but I couldn't find my glass loaf pan last night!

Lots of Bentos!

I'm behind in posting these... it was busy around here!

Here's Boo's Tuesday Preschool lunch -
A doggie wrapped in cresent roll with cheese, bowl of oranges (using up the last of the bowls), a small slice of leftover cake, strawberries and some wafer cookies with a yogurt and a drink - (also using up the last of the drinks)

And the Hubby's Tuesday lunch - he keeps complaining that his lunch isn't "cute", so he got bunny shaped turkey and cheese sandwiches!  Along with some cucumbers, crackers, cheesy balls and of course a kit-kat... oh, and there's a yogurt hiding off to the side, as well.
Hubby had a free lunch celebration at work on Wednesday, so I got a day off from making lunches!!

So here's Boo's Thursday Lunch
Cheese tortellini, more oranges, another slice of a different cake (!!!), some fishies and another drink.

That's it for last week!  I don't do lunches on Friday for various reasons... and I made a Hubby lunch for today, but trust me, leftover Swiss Steak over pasta isn't pretty, so I didn't take a photo!!  :O)  He enjoyed it though!

I'm planning on switching the juices over to reusable bottles as soon as these are gone.  And, using reusable containers for the fruit and yogurt, as well... but, alas, there was a big Costco shopping trip right before I started the whole waste-less bento thingy... so... have to use up what I have, right?  :o)

Monday Bento for Hubby

A yummy Bento for Hubby's Monday lunch

Left-over Taco Casserole with tortilla, shredded lettuce & cherry tomatoes with a little tub of jalepeno's, some yummy red grapes and sliced cucumber.

All packed up in an Easy Lunch Box - have you ordered yours yet?  They're sold out right now, but if you order anyway, you'll get a free cooler bag as a Thank You for your patience!  These are really great lunchboxes, I love them!

More Bento Fun!

Hi there!!

Here are a few more Dee-Style Bentos that I made this week, enjoy!

This was Hubby's lunch on Wednesday - he's got a bacon sandwich (with a little bottle of "brown sauce"), some cherry tomatoes, pears, popcorn and yogurt.. with a sweet dessert.  He came home and complained, though... he said he got a boring sandwich and next time I need to cut it into fun shapes - it's bacon!  I guess I could have cut it into a fun shape, but it would have fallen apart when he picked it up!

Here's my little guys lunch from Thursday - He got the shaped sandwiches!  LOL!  He's got PB&J Dinosaurs, star cheese, goldfish, jello, yogurt and a caprisun.  According to his preschool teacher, his lunch was a big hit!

And Hubby's Thursday lunch - He's got a salami and cheese roll-up, pretzels, cucumbers and grapes.

No lunches around here on Fridays, so.... 

Have a great weekend!!

Bentos for Tuesday

I received my Easy Lunch Boxes today!  Yay, Happy Mail!!

So, I've made lunches for Hubby, Daughter and Son for tomorrow.

Here is Hubby's
Left over taco quesadillas, jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, grapes, whole grain crackers and a hard boiled egg.  Also,  little tubs of sour cream and salsa.  I did add some dried cranberries to the grapes, because Hubby said he liked those today.

Here's Daughters
Left over taco quesadillas, sour cream, cheesy popcorn, grapes and goldfish crackers.  She'll be eating this at home before she gets on the bus for afternoon kindergarten, so it will be nice to have it all ready to just pull out of the fridge.

Here's Sons
Left over cheese tortellini, goldfish crackers, cheesy popcorn, hard boiled egg, chick shaped ham and cheese, mandarin oranges and a Caprisun.  He is at all day preschool, so he'll need snacks throughout the day as well, hence the large amount of food for such a little guy!

I'm going Bento!

I've been reading about Bento Box lunches online and I love the utter cuteness of them!  I was thinking that they would be great for my preschooler to take to lunch on his 2 days a week, but then I got to thinking that if I'm making 1, I might as well make 4, right??  So, I can make one for him, one for my Hubby to take to work, one for my daughter to eat before her Kindergarten bus comes by and one for me to eat as well!

So, here is my very first Bento Box Lunch, which I made for Hubby's lunch today

We've got some leftover sausage/egg casserole from breakfast yesterday, topped with some cute heart cheese shapes, a few cherry tomatoes, some grapes with a few dried cranberries thrown in for variety, some multi-grain crackers and a hard boiled egg.

I really need to get some of those super cute egg molds and more cookie cutters, but I thought this was pretty darn cute for my first one!

I did make the kids each an "at-home" bento for lunch today, but it was pretty basic and boring - just some grapes, sliced ham and cheese and teddy bear graham crackers.

Tomorrow is preschool for my son, so I'll be making more bentos tonight!

Enjoy!  Oh, and I'm adding a Bento Blog list to my sidebar, so if you're interested in learning more about bentos, you can find all the blogs that I've been researching there! 

Have Fun!